The Compassionate Word, A Start…

A Start for The Compassionate Word…

Hello and you are very welcome to my blog; The Compassionate Word. I have been thinking about writing a blog for a long time to go hand in hand with my practice. With this new version of my site,  now’s the ideal time to start. My aim in writing this blog is twofold. Firstly, there are times when I like to write opinion pieces. They can be about anything from mental health policy to, oh… lets say some of the bigger and hard hitting existential questions of life! The other side I hope to develop is more of an information portal. In my work as a therapist, clients often ask where they can access more information about certain topics. Here is the place where I hope to host such information.

What’s with the name? 

Ah the name. I wish I could remember how it came to me but it definitely was one of those times when your brain clicks and hey presto my perfect (well to me!) blog name appeared! One of the most sobering things that I have learned in my time as a therapist (as well as being me) is that we all can be critical of ourselves. Sometimes we scold ourselves lightly for a mistake and sometimes we can absolutely traumatise ourselves with self-criticism. The antidote to this critical voice (the internal critic) is compassion. Compassion for the self and compassion for others.

What is compassion I hear you ask? That will be an entire blog post or even series of posts all on its own! In essence, it is simply; the response we have to the suffering of others that motivates a desire in us to help. Compassion however, is not sympathy (that’s a completely different story that we’ll come to). We can have compassion for others but we can also have compassion for ourselves also. It is the antidote to criticism and is a fundamental tool that we can use to transcend the ills that befall us and (excuse the French) all the s**t the world throws at us.

The Compassionate Word will be a place where people can read about the struggles of the mind. To read objective and subjective articles about as many topics as the human mind can generate and so I’m going to do some promising here. I promise the reader a minimum of at least one post per week and more if that is feasible. I’m laying it down in cold hard digital text and I am requiring you, the reader, to hold me to that promise provided you’re enjoying the reading of course!


A word about fun; I intend this blog to bring some fun to the topic of mental health/well-being. This is not to mock the seriousness of the issues I discuss, but to help lighten the tone of what can be and is a very serious conversation . I am also looking for people to request topics for discussion on The Compassionate Word. Get in touch on of on my Facebook page or Twitter and let me know what you would like me to cover. Until then, stay tuned for the next instalment, take care and think about what compassion means to you.


The Compassionate Word